Family recipes for four generations...

About Ulla

Hallo, my name is Ulla Clayborne and I am very happy and thankful for where I am in my life and what I may do for you here with my little farmer’s market business. I grew up in Bavaria, South-Germany, where I learned how to cook and bake from my mother, my grandmother, who was born and raised in Alsace, France, and also from my bavarian great-grandmother.

Cooking, baking and hosting guests fascinated me way more than anything else and so after my highschool-exam I completed a 3-year-apprenticeship in Germany’s best hotel in the Black Forest. This was my stepping stone to work as restaurant manager in super deluxe hotels in England, Switzerland, Germany, South-Africa and Wales. After these very exciting and forever precious years I moved back to Germany, Tuebingen near Stuttgart, studied engineering and architecture in Stuttgart and also became a mom of 2 very wonderful meanwhile adults . I worked as a certified, degreed architect in several offices, then as a real-estate-agent and finally I also became an executive-assistant of an international operating transportation design company. In Stuttgart I also met my husband, a US Air Force Chief Master Seargeant, who meanwhile retired after more than 27 years of service.

In summer 2019 we moved back to the USA, to beautiful Williamsburg, where I can fulfill my dream now. After having received my certificates for my kitchen, my recipes and myself from VDACS, I now go back to my roots and cook and bake my traditional family-recipes from South-Germany and France. You will find different cakes, tartes, baguette, Kaesspaetzle (german version of mac and cheese), savory or sweet jams, soups, salads and basically everything I can pack in boxes, bags or jars, which I happily take back to reuse.

I look very much forward to meeting and sharing my food with you, hoping you’ll enjoy it as much as family and friends do in our home. Thank you and meet you at the beautiful Williamsburg Farmers Market,

Ulla Clayborne