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Susan Hetzer Lee

The best sweets in town!

Joe & Mary

Ulla, we are the very fortunate people to whom you sold your gluten-free, dairy free chocolate cheesecake on 19 December. My wife has been on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for over twenty years due to food sensitivities and allergies and, most recently, grain-free for the past three years. She has not had cheesecake for decades and was able to eat your cheesecake without any adverse effects. I can say that it is the best gluten-free, dairy-free dessert we have had. I say that unreservedly after years and years of my wife trying to satisfy her desire for sweets. She and my daughters have a long history of baking dairy-free and gluten-free desserts with many great recipes. Yours is superb and I strongly suggest that you offer more in that way as my wife was so happy to once again eat cheesecake (yes, it did taste like chocolate cheesecake of memory). Finally, we were in Williamsburg for the weekend to celebrate our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and your cheesecake made it all the more special. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts.

Tina P.

We picked up our heaven strawberry cake today and my family is in love… my older daughter is talking about how great it is and then my husband said it was one of the best cakes he has ever eaten…… I hope I get a second piece it is already half gone and it was big!

Esther T.

Love love love the pretzels, all the different baguette bread’s and the cakes I tried like the apple or lemon/blueberry cake… so much more to try. For these yummy Delights I take the drive from Newport News to Williamsburg.

Matthew H.

The Black Forest cake is to die for!!! Light, full of flavor, can taste some spice, and it has the perfect amount of sweetness to make it a memorable dessert. Thank you so much for making this. Also, the lemon cake was citrusy and a bust of sunshine in your mouth. Very delectable and wonderful. Both cakes are phenomenal 😊.

Steven K.

The apple streusel cake was amazing! You’re a wonderful baker! I look forward to ordering more goodies! Let’s just say those muffins didn’t make it through Saturday 😉

Diane A.

The bread we got on Saturday was so good! Even my 5yr old said, “Mommy, this is delicious!”

Elise H.

Thanks to a recent post from another neighbor, this morning I picked up my first order from Ulla’s European Delights, right here in Queen’s Lake. I normally don’t post pictures of food, but I must share how fantastic these dishes are. The first is of a deep-dish vegetable tarte, modified to replace the asparagus with broccoli. Next is the lovely salad with 7 different kinds of fruit. Both of these will provide me with several more days of healthy meals. I also ordered three other kinds of desserts, but the one pictured below was a llagniappe. Is it okay to use that term for something made by a German chef? I’m not usually a muffin fan, but this was sooo good. If you’re within driving distance, you should check it out.

Christina G.

I purchased a vegetable tart and it is outstanding. Lots of fresh vegetables in a egg custard. Very good. I also recieved some pastries. If you don’t like really sweet cakes then these pastries are for you. Very flavorful without the very sweet taste. I give Ulla a 5 plus in ratings. please support this local business.

Janine F.

Your cinamon rolls were absolutely delicious !

Carolyn H.

A vegetable tart was brought to me by a neighbor. It was absolutely delicious !

Marian G.

The vegetable tarte. OMG. so delicious and made for a nice lunch !! And the walnut baguette won’t last long. So manz nuts. (Yum!) Trying not to devour everything the first day. Will definitely be coming back !

Maggie B.

Fortunate that Ulla is a neighbor and taking advance orders for pick up from her home since farmer’s market is closed. We bought baguettes, pretzels, and cinnamon roll and blueberry lemon cake. Everything is lovely and fresh. Can’t wait for next week!

Jean L.

Had the pleasure of sampling some of Ulla’s desserts tonight. You will not be disappointed. Baking at it’s finest.

Laurie B.

I’m going to be so fat ! But so happpy !

Boochie C.

I had her cinnamon rolls and I’m a baker myself but her cinnamon rolls was the best I ever tasted. Look forward to eating more of them.

Christine R.

Ulla Made some amazing walnut baguettes, walnut cake and some candied almonds that were all delicious! We can’t wait to see what Ulla makes for each week’s treats!

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